Single-use wrapping paper makes the silly season positively absurd

A single roll of wrapping paper takes 600 watts of energy and 60 liters of water to produce. That’s like vacuuming your house for an hour while drinking 1000 bottles of beer..! .. a bit much for a product that only stays on a gift for a couple of days.

And what about all the ribbons and fancy what-nots that adorn the presents? Did you know that during December, Melbourne’s general waste  jumps by almost 10% 

“But, everything is recyclable” we hear you say. You’re not wrong. But guess what? There’s an extra 15% of ‘stuff’ to be recycled in Melbourne over the Christmas period. That’s a very big pile of paper and card headed to energy-hungry recycling plants which, with a bit of effort, is pretty much avoidable.Surely we could that number down by 1%.. or how about 10,000 presents? THat’s our goal this year. Join us.

Don’t even get us started with clothes, fabrics, and materials that go straight to landfill. The facts are horrific. Fast fashion makes a frightful mess.

To wrap it up (excuse the pun!), Wrappaporium will raise money to support local Goodsmiths micro-social enterprises, to do more good. Because these are the people that are truly working hard to create real impact!

Small print:
If waste research gets you excited, drop us a line..we’d be happy to have a rant 🙂